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Privacy Policy
Use of this site
* Any information (text, documents, pictures etc) on this website may be changed or terminated at any time. In addition, there may be errors or misprints on this website.

* The products and services on this website may not be available depending on area or country.

* JGC C&C accepts no responsibility for independent websites over which it has no control even though the JGC C&C name, products or logo may be used. JGC C&C similarly accepts no responsibility for websites that are linked from this website.

* JGC C&C cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of information and details contained on this website. In addition, JGC C&C accepts no responsibility for any damage that may occur from using this site or links contained within this site even if JGC C&C has been informed in advance of the possibility of this damage. Changes or additions to the information on this website are not allowed.
Intellectual Property
* Unless otherwise specified , copyright on all information on this website remains the property of JGC C&C.

* Provided the purpose is not for profit or is for a company’s internal use only, users of this site may reproduce material on this website. However, reproductions must bear reference to JGC C&C’s copyright. Furthermore, where specific conditions for use are placed on individual items of information, such conditions take precedence.

* With the exception of the above, any rights to JGC C&C’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights based on copyright, patents, trademarks etc can not be given.
Privacy Policy
JGC C&C recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in an advanced information-network society and, in compliance with laws regarding protection of personal information deemed to be private and other related laws, endeavours to protect privacy based on the following policies so that in running this website, JGC C&C's trust is established and can be depended upon.
JGC C&C is obliged to establish trust in use of client information through legal and fair means.
As a rule, where personal information is received from a client, it can only be used to improve or provide services, products and related information for our clients. Where personal information is provided for a purpose other than this, the purpose shall be made clear.
Personal information from clients will not be disclosed or provided to any third party except in the following circumstances:
Where information related to JGC C&C’s products or services is provided and is necessary for the purpose of improvement, it may be disclosed to subcontractors or co-operative partners.
Where requested by law from an administrative body or judiciary.
Where consent is given expressly by the client.
In order to protect personal information provided by the client from loss, falsification, accidental disclosure or unlawful access, JGC C&C will take the appropriate safety measures on technological and organizational aspects.
Where request is received from clients regarding personal information under control of JGC C&C, for details to be checked, amended or removed etc, the client’s wishes shall be respected and responded to accordingly in a timely fashion.
Please contact JGC C&C Administration Department regarding handling of personal information.
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